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Ayurveda is all about Healthspan. It teaches us how to live a long and healthy life.

And this is the place to be if you are curious as to how this natural, ancient science can be harnessed to improve your health and quality of life.

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Ageless Living with Ayurveda

Age is in inevitable. How quickly you grow old as you age is a choice! If you are too young to be feeling as old as you do and are looking for a way to experience how good feeling good can be, you are in the right place! Discover how quickly you are aging and what you can do to slow, stop, and even reverse its velocity!

Permanent Weight Loss

We don't learn about weight loss to get good at losing weight. It's about learning how to lose weight in a way that it doesn't have a chance to return so you never have to worry about losing weight ever again. Find the answers to permanent weight loss here in The Library!


Curious about Ayurveda and want to learn more about it? Check out this section of The Library! It's filling up with lots of information about body types, therapies, food choices, and much much more!

Menopause - Transition with Ease

Menopause is a transition and part of the natural aging process and imbalances that have accumulated throughout your life will be unmasked in full force during this phase of life.  And if you want to breeze through these years and transition with minimal impact it's critically important that you learn therapies that will balance your out of balance biological composition. Learn how here!

Chronic Inflammation

Find out the importance of inflammation as a healthy response to pain or sickness, as well as the dangers of a long-term inflammatory response. You’ll also learn about common symptoms, how doctors test for chronic inflammation, reasons why people have chronic inflammation, and how to lower your risk. 


This space is for information related to meditation. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned in your meditation practice, you will find something here for every level meditator. 

About Me

How I found my way to Healthier Ever After and how you can, too!

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