Your Way to Everyday Happiness

A Simple, Science-Based Approach To Feel Happier, Joyful, and Grateful Every Day…

(Works No Matter How Unhappy or Stuck You Feel Right Now)

If you’d like to find more happiness in your everyday life, you’re in good company.

Numerous studies show that over 50% of American adults feel like they’re not flourishing. They want to be happier.

And it makes sense.

In today’s “always on” world, there’s a lot out there that can make us unhappy.

Maybe an influencer’s social media post makes you feel less than adequate. Maybe your boss breathing down your neck has you feeling stressed and anxious.

Or maybe it’s someone you love who’s also driving you nuts.

These emotions can be powerful.

And oftentimes, they become a big barrier to feeling happy.

Looking For Happiness In All The Wrong Places

The other problem is that when we feel unhappy, we look for a solution in the wrong places.

Some people will turn to food or alcohol in an attempt to feel better.

Others will go shopping.

And some will throw themselves into their work, thinking the next promotion or a bigger income will make them finally feel happy.

In the end, these don’t bring true happiness, though. You feel good for a little while, and then it fades and you need another “fix.”

The problem is most people don’t realize they’re looking for happiness in all the wrong places!


How to Find Happiness Where You Least Expect It

In this course, you will learn how to find happiness again.

You’ll learn the science-based strategies to change your mindset, attitude, and develop a happiness habit for yourself.

In How to Find Happiness Where You Least Expect It, you’ll discover:

  • A simple test to determine your baseline level of happiness so you can know exactly where you stand and can even measure how much you improve!
  • The 3 myths of happiness and how they're making you unhappy...
  • The difference between happiness and well-being and why it matters more than you'd think...
  • The “WOOP” formula for achieving everything you want (and maintaining a positive attitude)
  • How to use “mental contrasting” to live a much happier life…
  • The 3 P’s of pessimism, and how to transform any negative situation or experience into a positive one…
  • 8 to use gratitude to boost your happiness almost instantly
  • How to turn trauma in your life into positive growth
  • 4 strategies for boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth
  • And much more…

What You’ll Get

We’ll cover:

Lesson 1: What is happiness anyway?

Learn what the research says about happiness and learn the difference between happiness and wellbeing.

Lesson 2: What’s mindset got to do with it?

Learn how mindset can have a major impact on your overall happiness and well-being and what you can do to shift it.

Lesson 3: Overcome the negative — coping with anxiety, depression, and trauma

Discover how to stay strong when things get rough and positive ways to cope with the negative emotions that show up throughout our lives.

Lesson 4: Increase the positive — building self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence

Learn how to identify if you have self-esteem issues and how to build yourself up with evidence-based strategies that work.

Lesson 5: Uncover the secrets to happiness

Learn how to cultivate ongoing happiness and positivity in your life.

Each lesson contains activities to help you integrate these mindsets and behaviors into your daily life.

The course contains everything you’ll need to take control over your negative emotions and start feeling happy again.

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Happiness Training Portal Access

Inside you will find the link to your training portal where all 5 lessons are stored and waiting for you!

Have a happy day! Jai~ Sharon

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