Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Easy

How to Live a Happier, More Fulfilling Life - The Old-As-Time, Scientifically-Proven Strategy that Has You Losing Weight, De-Aging, and Find Self-Fulfillment in Just 5 Minutes a Day

If you’re like most people, you’d love to feel healthier and happier day-to-day. More peaceful, productive, and energized.

There’s always room to improve your relationships a bit. Create a more successful career or pursue your passions more deeply.

Imagine how it would feel if you could accomplish all that.

Pause for a moment. Close your eyes and breathe it in.

Amazing, right?


While that sounds wonderful…

How do you actually do that?

If you were to take on all of these goals, or even just a couple, where would you find the time and mental bandwidth to devote to such a quest? To innovate, stay excited, and keep implementing?

Especially if your days are already hectic and filled with a hundred obligations pulling you in a hundred directions.

It seems practically impossible to carve out time for yourself as it is, let alone for a major life goal.

And when you do steal away for some me-time, does mind chatter choke out those precious quiet moments?

You know, thoughts like:

did I turn the stove off…did I put gas in the car…why haven’t they called…I can’t believe we’re arguing about this again…are my folks okay…is that just a cold…there’s nothing for dinner…look at all that dust…Oh no, I’m running late again…”

So annoying!

The truth is...

There’s a far greater cost than just annoyance.

Whether you’re simply trying to insert more peace in your day or trying to bring about transformative changes to your life…

When your mind is distracted, when you feel tired, stressed, or plain-old not up to it—despite your best intentions—your goals can keep slipping by.

For weeks, months and even years.

It’s hard to fathom the lost opportunities to feel better physically every day or have more fun with your family. Or feel more satisfied at work, or that you’re making a greater difference in the world.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There's ONE thing you can do to reach ALL of those goals.

And it’s much easier than you ever imagined.

In fact…

The KEY to Achieving a Happier, Healthier, and More Peaceful Life
Isn’t to Frantically Execute On a Multi-Point Plan of Improvement…
It’s Devoting 5 Minutes a Day to Calm, Mindful, Undisturbed Meditation

Wild I know. It sounds too good to be true.

But studies show...

Daily meditation—starting with just 5 minutes a day—can help you:

Reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and symptoms of stress disorders.

Sleep better, even if you’re barely sleeping now.

Improve quality of life if you endure chronic pain.

Enhance mental and cognitive function, and increase attention span.

Reduce and keep weight off.

Enjoy more harmonious relationships.

Boost your fitness and athletic performance.

Attain greater success at work or school.

Experience spiritual awakening or enlightenment.


Whatever your personal goals are and whatever actions you’re currently taking to improve your life…

You can get there faster and with greater ease and certainty if you add meditation to your daily routine.

You can even look forward to a cross-pollination of benefits across your entire life due to meditation’s all-encompassing effects!

And it’s easier than you might imagine:

You Simply Need To Cultivate a Daily Meditation Practice.

That’s it!

When you can do that, you’ll begin to unleash a cascade of benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Now, in case you’re thinking: “I’ve tried meditation before and it didn’t work for me...”

…Like maybe too many distracting thoughts bothered you and it seemed pointless to continue.

…Or maybe it seemed impossible to steal time out of your busy day when you were already juggling endless pressures on your time.

Think again!

You see, meditation doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

When you know exactly what to do, daily meditation can be FUN!

And in just five minutes devoted to quiet, mindful breathing and relaxation…

You can boost your peace of mind, fitness, and energy.

You can reduce excess weight or chronic pain. Lower stress, anxiety, and inflammation and other threats to your well-being.

You can even enhance your relationships, success, and spiritual growth for a happier, more meaningful life.

That’s what’s possible when you know how to meditate and make it a daily practice.

In fact, I experienced this myself…

Regular meditation has made my life better--calmer, more focused, connecting to a higher purpose has enabled me to live a life that is filled with happiness and a love for life.

That’s why I’m such a big believer in meditation and using it as a force to attract the life I desire, as a way to enhance my health, and a daily exercise that ensures peace of mind through out the day.

My energy and positive outlook stay intact no matter what might be thrown my way!

The question is…

How exactly do you create a doable, fun meditation practice and use it to improve your life?


Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical

In this course, you’ll discover a step-by-step process to cultivate an enduring meditation practice that boosts your physical and emotional health... and helps you live a more resilient, balanced, and fulfilling life.

The course is relatively short -- just five power-packed lessons! -- which means you’ll quickly have an incredible new capacity to incorporate relaxing, nurturing mindfulness into your everyday life.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard to learn. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. And this course shows you the way.

In Meditation Made Simple, you’ll discover:

  • 5 ninja moves to sneak meditation into your schedule…even when the kids are hungry, the dog needs to pee, and the dirty laundry pile is sky-high.
  • The best way to inject an instant jolt of positive, feel-good energy into your daily meditation practice.
  • The most overlooked and easily remedied reason why meditation is a struggle. (And it’s not how or where you’re sitting.)
  • How to create a healthy, “addictive” meditation practice in 6 empowering steps…even if you failed at meditation before or thought “I’ll never get this right!
  • 4 foods that can immediately help you live more fully in the precious present moment. One of them is carrots…and no, you don’t eat them!
  • From everyday hassle to peaceful purpose: How to “hijack” your morning commute or grocery run, and welcome more peace, ease, and clarity into your life.
  • If pesky thoughts, buzzing flies and annoying itches are shredding your focus, try this simple, counterintuitive approach to brush aside distractions, quiet your mind, and find the calm balance you seek.

And much more…

When you join Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical, you’ll learn the secrets proven by top scientists that show that daily meditation—starting with just 5 minutes a day—can help you achieve a bounty of benefits for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Plus, you’ll begin to discover as you progress with your daily practice, that meditation is having a positive impact on other areas of your life... in addition to your primary goals! A natural effect of meditation’s beneficial power!

What You’ll Get

Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical includes a combination of in-depth and detailed instruction and hands-on activities to help you understand the core concepts of meditation and how to make it practical and relevant for your lifestyle.

In this self-paced, online course I’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Why should you meditate?

If you want a happier, healthier, more energized and fulfilling why meditation is the key that unlocks these dreams! Take an eye-opening dive into studies showing meditation’s wide-ranging effects. Assess your present level of mindfulness. And address common roadblocks for beginners so you can start reaping the rewards as soon as possible.

Lesson 2: A simple meditation practice for beginners

Even meditating for short periods of time can improve your attention and focus and help you live more fully in the moment! In Lesson 2, start with a simple 5-minute meditation you can easily incorporate into your daily life. And get the inside scoop on how to breathe, be comfortable, and feel more positive so you want to show up day after day.

Lesson 3: How to cultivate a daily meditation habit

As they say “practice makes perfect.” And that includes creating a new, daily meditation practice! No worries, though. Inside Lesson 3, you’ll discover a practical, empowering 6-step plan of tips and activities to help you ease into meditation and find ways to meditate that best suit your nature, mood, or taste for variety.

Lesson 4: Simple moving meditations for everyday life

On those busy days when you can’t possibly squeeze in 5 minutes to sit still in a quiet room, do a moving meditation! These simple, mindful practices coincide with your daily activities, helping you achieve greater peace, focus, and balance.

Lesson 5: Recap and Review

Time to reflect on all the lessons and practices you’ve explored and practiced throughout Meditation Made Simple! Plus, this is your opportunity to choose the best methods for YOUR daily meditation practice, so you can incorporate meditation into your life and reap the benefits for years to come.

PLUS - You will be given access to Sharon's calendar where you can schedule your private 1x1 meditation coaching session - learn directly from an expert in this field!!!

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own life, so you can create a personalized map for navigating through your day and life using mindful meditation as your guide.

The course contains everything you need to know to cultivate an enduring meditation practice that boosts your physical and emotional health... and helps you live a more resilient, balanced, and fulfilling life.

Can You Afford To Wait?

If you imagine experiencing a more fulfilling life…

And want to feel better physically and emotionally in any or all aspects of your life...

There are costs to letting these goals slip by again and again.

A whittling away of your full potential for joy and love, vibrant health and accomplishment.

That’s why meditation is such a gift.

Because it helps you shore up your powers to enhance your life across the board, in a way that’s natural, easy once you learn how, and time-tested for thousands of years.

So the longer you wait on learning how to meditate…

… the longer you’ll miss out on feeling your best and creating the life of your dreams.

Join Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical today, and enjoy an incredible new capacity to bring relaxing, nurturing mindfulness into your everyday life!

You can join today for just $49!

That gives you access to every lesson, all the implementation exercises and access to me to help clarify any questions you may have.

And you’ll have permanent access to the course content, so you can return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher.


This course contains a proven and powerful step-by-step process to cultivate an enduring meditation practice that boosts your physical and emotional health...and helps you live a more resilient, balanced, and fulfilling life.

And frankly - if you do the work and take the actions, I’m confident you’ll see results.

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it! Take 30 days  to review all the course materials and put them to the test.

If you’re not fully satisfied, just let me know. I’ll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

Now is the time to incorporate relaxing, nurturing mindfulness into your life!

Join Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical  with Online Coaching Support today to learn how.

5 Sections

Why Should You Meditate?

“To meditate is to discover new possibilities, to awaken the capacity that each of us have to live more wisely, more lovingly, more compassionately, and more fully.”  

-Jack Kornfield, Meditation for Beginners

A Simple Meditation Practice for Beginners

How to Cultivate a Daily Meditation Practice

Simple Moving Meditations for Everyday Life

Recap and Review

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